Xfactor – week 2 review

After bonfire night on Thursday it was interesting to see who was going to be a fire cracker, who would sparkle and who would simply pop.
The theme was reinvention which was taken to different levels by different acts.
Below is how I rated the finalists:

1st Che Chesterman – Stunning again. Incredible vocal. Grimmy needs a lot of credit for an amazing song choice. The whole performance represented what the week was about.

2nd Louisa Johnson – Brilliant vocal and more of a performance. Only not top as the song itself wasnt really shaken up. Wonderful though.

3rd Reggie n Bollie – They just make me smile. It was absolutely brilliant. They are right up my street.

4th Lauren Murray – A great singer, singing wonderfully. Kept me hooked the whole time.

5th Max Stone – I really liked that. It was really easy listening and it was a lovely interpretation.

6th Monica Michael – I think this is the first time she impressed me. It was dramatic and a good version. Great vocal.

7th Mason Noise – vocals were 10x better than last week. I question the dance moves though ???

8th Kiera Weathers – A more all round performance and much better than last week. I still feel she is capable of much much more.

9th 4th Impact – started a bit off but grew into it and put in a good performance. Not as good as last week though.

10th Seann Miley Moore – Excellent vocally but he is a performer not pop star. He is destined for the West End.

11th Anton Stephans – What was Simon thinking? Purely his fault. Yes they took a risk but it did not pay off. Simon tried to turn him into Wagner. Anton is lucky he was so good last week and has lots of fans.


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