Leicester Road v AFC Hinckley preview

This weekend sees the fixture footballer Ryan Seal called “The biggest in Leicestershire ” as Leicester Road entertain arch rivals Hinckley AFC. This fixture, affectionately known as Le Classico, has had everything over the years with goals not given, red cards and penalty winners. A gift to the @hinckley_afc fans.Tonights winning goal 👍⚽🔥@Moistcandle @hair_bear_18 pic.twitter.com/eGy7ltJtGj … More Leicester Road v AFC Hinckley preview

What a derby means

Whether you are a fan of Manchester United, Leicester City, Swindon Town or AFC Hinckley you dream of success for your club, but, when it comes to derby matches you demand victory. To those singing their hearts out and wearing their colours with pride defeating their arch rivals means everything and can turn players into … More What a derby means

CMSL Press Release

The new Chairman Sat with media to discuss the burning questions ahead of season 4 of the CM SUPER LEAGUE. Ahead of the new season are all managers keeping their jobs? All managers will indeed keep their jobs if they so wish. However commitment is required and I think it’ll be a 3 strikes and … More CMSL Press Release