CMSL – Season 3 preview

The celebrations are finished, the transfers are done and we are set to embark on the third season of the Super League. It is all new too. New defending champions, new managers and new players along with a new agreement of squad size (max 24 players).

Ferkham go into the new term looking to become the first side to successfully defend their title. Stackington have appointed Alf as their new boss while Tim and Jamie have completed their first transfer window for SLF and Football Mono respectively and will now look to progress their sides.

Transfer news

Many deals were done with one or two shock moves.

Hofland leaving Palmerthinaikos being up there while the Mono decision to sell Aimar raised eyebrows.

It was also about who sides kept. Swindon Devils fended off a lot of late interest in Zambrotta and a very public move from Halle for Vice-Captain Larsson.

A number of fans were left delighted with their new heroes.

While other deals caused controversy.

Including Nicholas Anelka making a name for himself the day after his move to Palmerthinaikos.

During the close season the rivalry and good natured banter between the sides continued particularly with new Stackington boss Alf seemingly ready to go head to head with charismatic Halle boss Russell.

Clearly the good natured rivalry between Teemore and Swindon isn’t over either.


The Pete Review has joined up as official book maker for the coming season and has published markets on Champions and Top Scorer while also offering bespoke specials.

My view on the sides

Couldn’t maintain the pace after a good start last season, will be hoping to improve more this year and possible challenge for a place in the playoffs.

It will be very tough to repeat last season’s form but they certainly have the quality to do it.

Will be hoping rivals have not worked them out.

Significant investment this year has seen a real positive feeling around the club.

After finishing bottom the only way is up and I fancy them as dark horses.

I expect more from them this season after only just making the playoffs. They have big game players who can handle the occasion and are a squad who are almost desperate for success.

Will it be third time lucky? Pound for pound they are arguably the strongest team but no transfers in this window?

Another team who have no incoming players with the manager looking at younger talent coming through.

Like Halle, they made the playoffs on final day so will be interesting to see how competitive they are. With a star like Ronaldinho they should always be in the mix.

Represented the league in the World Club Championship but fitness was a huge factor in the failed campaign, the boss will be hoping there is nothing long term to hinder their start to the season.

Another side who have brought a few in so they will aim to be more competitive.

Last year’s runners up are typically hard to judge.

They identified an area requiring improvement and acted so should challenge again.

Disappointed last season and will be hoping for significant improvement. The squad is a lot stronger on paper than the performances showed and a bad start could see pressure mount.

The gaffer talks a big game but seemed somewhat deflated after missing out on a number of targets.

I expect SLF to challenge but could be one of the unlucky sides to miss out.

The newest manager has not made any additions as he wants to learn everything about his squad.

Clearly a methodical approach and lover of a spreadsheet, It will be interesting to see how he copes in the Elite.

Generally a very underrated side who proved they are more than capable of beating everyone on their day.

They will be there or there abouts again.

How will the side react to the disappointment of missing the playoffs on final day?

Despite not getting a number of top targets they havehad a decent window and their young squad has another years experience.

Avoiding a bad start is critical.

Simply must be better than last season- the only original top 6 side not to make it again, but to make it worse, they were no where near.

The league needs them to do well as the boss’s banter is always that bit better when they are not getting beat every week.

Opening Day

The fixture calendar has been kind to fans with some exciting opening fixtures. The stand out being Halle v Hoddesdon.

Defending champions Ferkham have a potentially difficult start against the Devils.

My Prediction

Final league table

  1. Hoddesdon
  2. Ferkham
  3. Devils
  4. Halle
  5. Apollo
  6. Mono
  7. Hooligans
  8. Palmerthinaikos (Shadwell)
  9. Stapenhill
  10. SLF
  11. Teemore
  12. Btec
  13. Sloths
  14. Stackington

Good luck to all sides this coming season.


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