CMSL – Champions Address

Over the bank holiday weekend football took centre stage as Man City received their trophy, Real Madrid won El Classico, The Football League Playoffs were confirmed and Ferkham Hall won the CM SUPER LEAGUE.

After 2 days of celebrations the media were granted access to the manager to discuss their triumph.

How does it feel to officially say you are Champions?

It feels great to say we’re champions! It’s no mean feat and the boys fully deserve it. We’ve had a great team ethic and that’s shown out there on the pitch, the boys would die for each other.

It was a tight contest – were you ever in doubt?

Make no mistake Rapid Apollo were a great opponent and pushed us all the way but we were the better team on the Day and over the course of the season and we’ve proved that time and time again.

With all the talent on display it was Butt with the winner – thoughts?

Nicky Butt has been immense for us this season, he’s no nonsense in that holding role and we wouldn’t be the same team without him but I must admit I was surprised he got the goal but i definitely wasn’t surprised with his performance.

And thoughts on Apollo?

I’ve already said my thoughts on Apollo and the job their manager has done and they haven’t changed, I fully expect them to be in the mix again next season.

What celebrations have been planned?

Celebrations lasted throughout the night and I’ve been suffering since! Im pretty sure there was a few sore heads knocking about the town Monday morning!

When does planning for next season begin?

Planning for next season is already in full swing, we’ll be looking to make one or two changes to freshen the squad up a bit and give some of our starters competition but the majority of the squad will remain the same, no need to risk the squad harmony we already have.

Any message for the rest of the division?

No message for the rest of League, we’ve let our football do the talking this season and I feel that’s said enough.

Can you repeat the achievement next year?

Of course we can repeat it next year. I expect next season to be tough as we’re now the team to beat but we’ve shown we can do anyone in this league, we’ll not be resting on our laurels.

Was there a point where you thought ‘this could be our year ‘

Not 1 game in particular where I thought this could be our year but after we beat Hools, Halle and then Hodds in a row as the season was coming to an end that’s when I thought this team was the real deal!!


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