We Go Again

This relegation hurts. This relegation hurts a lot. This hurts for many reasons. It hurts because unlike others it has not been caused by a dire financial situation. It hurts because for the first time in a long-time Oxford can legitimately laugh at us. It hurts as, for the most part, nobody within the club seemingly cares. It hurts because, unlike other relegations, we are not feeling a belief that we will bounce straight back but fall like Leyton Orient. It mainly hurts as we have seen it coming for 2 years now.

But this relegation is also different. We are all more experienced. This is the third time I have seen us drop into the basement. For many of you it will be the fifth or sixth time you have seen us relegated. We all know what is going to happen and what is needed. We know the difficult times are still ahead. We know Vigs will be sold. We know Thompson is going to leave along with a very large percentage of our squad. We know, come preseason training, we will have a squad of about six and have to completely rebuild.

A lot around the club we care about so much will change except for one major factor, US. You may not believe me. You may not feel like you can go through this again. You may have deep rooted hatred for Power, Sherwood and Williams. You may feel your love for your club has gone. Despite all this, we will all check Ben Wills and Matt Edwards twitter every lunchtime at work over the summer to see if we have signed anybody. We will all wait to see what GW reds have in store next year. We will all look out for TrustSTFC to announce something -anything. We will wait for Sam Morshead’s next thought proviking read. We will wait for more statistical analysis and opinion from The Washbag. Whether it is Barcelona, Reading, Waterford or Salisbury, fans will turn up to preseason fixtures.

Come August, with the crest on our chests and the same sense of desire and belief that we always have WE, the Swindon Town faithful, WILL GO AGAIN. Unlike many of the current squad – WE, WILL GO AGAIN. Whether the Owner changes or the management structure changes – WE, WILL GO AGAIN.

So do whatever you need to do over the summer to try and recover from what has been probably the worst season in this clubs recent history. Come back next season ready to fight for our club. We are all in this together. We were here before Power. We were here before Williams, Embleton and Sherwood. We were here before the players and we will be here long after they are all gone.


Forever red.


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