A Thank You that needs to be said

This season Swindon Town fans have lost two absolute gems. Thankfully not in a morbid way but today Flic reporter Andrew Steele-Davis announced he is being made redundant and from the end of Feb will no longer be our go to guy for all things STFC. This comes in the same season that the much liked Sam Morshead also announced he was no longer working for Total Sport.

Both guys are brilliant at what they do and were also open and honest with fans via their reports and Twitter. Both were always happy to answer questions even though most were basically the same as the last and even tried to adapt their coverage of our beloved club as releases became sparse over the last 18 – 24 months.

When I moved to Leicestershire and found my links to Town seemingly lessened. I stumbled across Sam’s twitter while he was at the Adver. From then on he was my most viewed profile as I felt connected again. He was the first person I was aware of that did Twitter commentary on Swindon games and I enjoyed his generally sarcastic comments throughout. Having wanted to be involved in sports journalism growing up I really enjoyed reading his material. I looked at him as having my dream job and he made me enjoy the written word again. You can completely understand why he was nominated for so many awards and why he won 2013 South West Digital Journalist of the Year and was listed in Press Gazette’s Top 50 UK reporters on social media. I was very sad when he announced he was no longer working for Total Sport after his move from the Adver. Sam still remains part of the fan base though having signed up to the Trust and he still writes the occasional column which are still to his very high standard.

Thankfully when Sam left we still had Andrew. He took the mantel very well and became our new go to guy. The same as Sam he has adapted his coverage of our club and became part of a now regular movement in local media offering fans a chance to have some column inches. I applied and he was generous enough to explain why he had not selected me. It was this chance to start writing again that got my creative juices flowing and gave me the want to write again. It is thanks to both men I approached the Washbag to ask if I could write for them and set up my own blog account for non STFC material. Such is the kindness Andrew displayed, he has offered to meet me during various conversations when I am next down to talk about things I have written and where they could potentially be improved. Through his work he also introduced me to others such as Ben Wills whose writing I have also gone onto enjoy.

I personally would like to thank both Sam and Andrew for their hard work on behalf of Swindon fans, and thank them for allowing me to enjoy writing again.

I am sure like me, many would like to wish you both every success in the future.

Thanks guys.


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