Xfactor week 3 review

It was movie week on Xfactor this week and below are how I rated the performances from Oscar winner to box office flop.

1st Reggie n Bollie – I cant love these guys anymore. So up my street. Entertaining and talented. They just make me smile. Only criticism is Id have had them do Titanic a bit longer.

2nd Anton Stephans – INCREDIBLE. A beautiful performance. I could not stop watching him.

3rd Che Chesterman – Another faultless performance. Absolutely superb. He is such an incredible singer.

4th Lauren Murray – YEEES, that is what I’ve been waiting. Beautifully performed. What a great vocal.

5th Louisa Johnson – Vocally superb. A lovely performance. I was a little bored but cant deny her talent.

6th 4th Impact – Their best week I feel. Everything was solid – the harmonies, the dancing. Considering Selina in a bad way too. Wow.

7th Monica Michael – This is the first time I have properly liked her. Seems to be improvingvweek on week. Really good vocals.

8th Mason Noise – Vocally I wasnt sure. Sounded a bit iffy in places but the dance routine was good and the rap was alright too.

9th Max Stone – Maybe cos I dont know the sing having never watched the movie but I didnt feel as captivated as I did last week.

Do you agree ???


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