XFactor week 1 ratings

The XFactor live shows returned and below is how I rated the performances. In a week where the good were exceptional and the poor were questionable, I felt overall the level of talent was very high.

1st – Che – Outstanding. Great vocal and was entertaining. Really set the standard.

2nd – Anton – Amazing. Sang a wonderful song beautifully. I think he arguably has the biggest connection already.

3rd – 4th Impact – Wonderful performance. Had the right mix of great vocals and excellent entertainment.

4th – Lauren – Opened the show really well and put in a solid vocal. Agree there was maybe too much going on but Im not adversed to a show by any means.

5th – Monica – Must be difficult having less time to prepare but did a decent job. Was not a massive fan of the song but good job regardless.

6th – Reggie and Bollie – Always a fan of entertainment. Not the best singers but good enough to balance their dancing and performing. Very current too.

7th – Max – Im really not sure on this one. In parts I thought yes in others no. I love his voice but maybe the seeming lack of charisma is an issue.

8th – Louisa – Potentially being over critical as I think she is superb but it didnt grip me the way I hoped.

9th – Seann – It just went horribly wrong for me. The vocals were great but it was very west end in my opinion. The outfit looked like a drag version of Cheryl.

10th – Kiera – I am gutted as I really liked her all the way until now. It just all seemed a bit boring.

11th – Bupsi – The fact that Simon feels he chose the wrong song speaks volumes. I agree completely with the judges it needed more “nasty”.

12th – Alien Uncovered – I am shocked how low down they are as its normally my sort of act, I just feel there is an attitude there I dont like. I feel they think they are better than they are. Im sure this will improve as weeks go on.

13th – Mason – Perhaps was feeling negative as I do not like the song but I agree with Rita when she suggested forgetting what’s happened at six chair and get on with it because this boy can really sing.


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