Very good review of the new game.
Cannot wait to play it.

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FIFA 16 is a rare and disappointing step backwards for the world’s most popular football series.

Such a misstep was bound to happen eventually; every year we hear the same complaints that not enough has changed, leaving EA under constant pressure to find ways to keep the formula fresh. Inevitably, that pressure has led them to try and fix things that were never broken.

You see,  while the numerous tweaks to the on-the-pitch experience help FIFA resemble real football more than ever, they ruin the responsive gameplay that made FIFA 15 such a good time.

FIFA16 Real Madrid

Beginning with the positives, the defensive AI has received a welcome upgrade. Defenders are now much better at playing their way out of trouble, so last years tactic of pressing really high up the pitch and trying to force a defensive error won’t work.

Things are going to be more difficult for your midfielders too. Expect to…

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